2018: Monthly Meetings Notes

Posted by on November 1, 2018

Below are the official notes from the 2018 monthly meetings to date including: January, April-June, and August-October as reviewed and approved by MPAC members.  The March and July meetings were cancelled.  For March, some items of note were sent via email to the MPAC email list – those are posted here.  Unfortunately, it appears there is no record of the February meeting notes, but they will be posted here if and when they are located.

Notes from the November meeting will be added to this post once they are approved.

The next MPAC meeting is scheduled for 6:30pm on Wednesday, December 12.

MPAC meeting minutes – 1.10.18

MPAC meeting notes in lieu – 3.26.18

MPAC meeting minutes – 4.11.18

MPAC meeting minutes – 5.9.18

MPAC meeting minutes – 6.13.18

MPAC meeting minutes – 8.8.18

MPAC meeting minutes – 09.12.18

MPAC meeting minutes – 10.10.18

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