2020: Monthly Meeting Notes

Apr/8 By

Below are the official notes from the 2020 monthly meetings as reviewed and approved by MPAC members.  MPAC typically meets the second Wednesday of each month, 6:30-8p. Due to MPAC’s

Winter in the park…

Mar/4 By

A look at winter sports in Chicago’s parks (including the Midway) written by Julia Bachrach, historian and preservation planner: https://www.jbachrach.com/blog/2020/2/26/how-things-have-changed-the-history-of-winter-sports-in-chicagos-parks

MPAC Officer Election 2019: Election Process

Nov/6 By

2020 Nominees (in alphabetical order; the offices of Secretary and Treasurer may be held by the same person): President – Bronwyn Nichols Lodato Vice President – Donald McGruder, Genora Stone

MPAC Officer Election: Nomination Process

Oct/28 By

Below is a summary of this year’s nomination process for MPAC officer positions: President, Vice President, Secretary^, Treasurer^. ^Note: A single person can be nominated for and hold both the

Federal Review of proposed park changes related to OPC and updated South Lakefront Framework Plan

Jul/31 By

*Assessment of Effects (AOE) to Historic Properties re: Proposed Undertaking In and Adjacent to Jackson Park. Prepared by the City of Chicago Department of Planning and DevelopmentBureau of Planning, Sustainability

2019: Monthly Meeting Notes

Jul/5 By

Below are the official notes from the 2019 monthly meetings as reviewed and approved by MPAC members.  Notes from the July meeting will be added to this post once they

New! MPAC Pathway Committee

Mar/29 By

MPAC has established a committee to explore the potential of creating bicycle/hiking paths east-west along the outer panels of the Midway Plaisance.  Please see the attached description for more information. 

Midway Rink Hours & Skating Programs

Dec/14 By

The Midway skating season is well underway and the schedule is attached below.  In addition to the daily skating programs there are free skating lessons available for kids twice weekly

“From the Midway”: A Chicago Tribune Podcast Series about the World’s Fair

Dec/7 By

If you haven’t yet, check out the Chicago Tribune’s four-part podcast series on the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition to hear more about the fair’s legacy.  Produced in honor of the

MPAC 2019 Officer Elections: November 14

Nov/10 By

Results from MPAC officer elections, which were held at the November monthly meeting on 11/14/18, as announced below. The previous slate of officers will continue to represent MPAC in 2019:

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