Our volunteers participate in a wide variety of activities throughout the park. Are you or your group interested in volunteering? Contact Donald at dmcgruder@sbcglobal.net.

MPAC Membership – Members attend meetings, contribute thoughts and ideas, spread the word about the council’s efforts, and are active advocates for Midway Plaisance Park.

MPAC Committees – Committee members contribute additional time to focus on particular projects or efforts.  Committees report back to the full council to recommend next steps.  There are currently two MPAC Committees: 1) MPAC Framework Plan Committee and 2) MPAC Pathway Committee: MPAC Pathway Committee Resolution – 3.13.19

MPAC Work Day Volunteers – Work day volunteers support Midway Plaisance Park with their time, energy, muscle, and willingness to Work Hard in the park!  Work days often focus on park clean-up, but also include plantings, weeding efforts, and park walk-throughs to monitor the state of the park grounds and facilities.  MPAC has been pleased to host groups of volunteers from educational institutions and service organizations, as well many individual volunteers to beautify and enhance the Midway’s stretch of 12×3 city blocks of green space.

MPAC Event Volunteers – Event volunteers organize and manage MPAC events (family days, fundraisers, walking tours) and represent MPAC at neighborhood events.

MPAC Officers – MPAC officers are elected each year to oversee the council, track MPAC’s progress, and report on MPAC’s efforts to the Chicago Park District.

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