MPAC Officer Election: Nomination Process

Posted by on October 28, 2019

Below is a summary of this year’s nomination process for MPAC officer positions: President, Vice President, Secretary^, Treasurer^.

^Note: A single person can be nominated for and hold both the Secretary and Treasurer offices.

MPAC Officer Nomination Process:

  • Nominations should be submitted to MPAC:
  • Deadline: 10/30/19.  All nominations must be submitted no later than 10/30/19 at 10a.
  • Nominations may only be made by current voting members*.  Persons nominated for an officer position must be current voting members.
  • A nomination form will be sent to the postal address on file for voting members* who did not list an email address on their MPAC membership form.  The nomination form will instruct these members to contact a current officer to make arrangements to submit a form, if they wish, by 10/30/19 at 10a.
  • After the nomination period has closed, nominations will be posted via email, on the MPAC website under the “Blog” tab, and on the window of the ice rink field house.

*As a reminder, a voting member eligible to submit nominations 1) has a membership form on file with MPAC and 2) has attended at least 2 meetings in the past 12 months as per Article 3, Section 2 of the MPAC Bylaws, “Individual Voting Membership”. Information about the election process will be sent separately in advance of the election.

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